© 2019 by Chris Johnson

Internal Void:

I have become lifeless, The pain no longer exist, The past is gone, All I feel is nothing, and I'm beginning, beginning to like it... Hatred is my fuel, and darkness my path, I summon the demons within to erase... erase the damage done, life was so messed up, To make sense of it, is pointless, To recover a dead dream All I have is my misery now let me rest in peace peace...

My Dreams Haunted by Nightmares:

My dreams haunted by nightmares, Satanic human sacrifice, slaughter of animals, Ancient sorcerers wielding time to stop the evils in my mind, The warlock rips off his face in a flash of lightning, When will these nightmares end, My dreams haunted by nightmares, My dreams are haunted by nightmares, family members dying crucifixes crying, When will this night end, My dreams haunted by nightmares...


*Please note this song is about nightmares I had I do not condone human sacrifice or harming animals in anyway*

Navigating The Mental Forest:

The poison in my mind, Like a drug it cant control, The pain inside my head, This mental turmoil I cannot bear, Sanity something so brief and rare, I feel as if I'm mad, inside the evil brews, Taking form and shape in deeds, I cut myself and watch the wound bleed, Just like they did my soul, So many years ago, Before I was old enough to fight them, The wounds never heal….. My soul is damaged....

Destroying the Innocence

Destroy the innocence,

That must have been their moto,

Battle cry of the abuser,

Break him break him,

I'm sure they thought,

So careless with a child,

Death is what they should have got,

Instead I'm stuck with the burden,

Of living with what was done to me,

Done to me,

You bastards!!!

No wonder I’ve abandoned your pathetic christ,

After all you did to me,

Claiming it to be,

All in his name,

To hell with you,

And to hell with your christ...

Addicted To Suffering

I find myself liking emotional pain,

It is something I have felt for so long,

I cannot live without it,

I need misery and darkness to survive,

Please don’t leave me in my darkest hour,

Because I’m addicted to suffering,

The scars help me become stronger,

More resilient and shielded from future turmoil,

Yet I’m addicted to suffering,

I cannot let go of the past,

it has become as a drug,

one that cannot be put down,

I am addicted to my suffering...

Fly Fly Away

My favorite subject has always been the devil,

Satan has always been someone I could relate to

The rejected un-accepted rebel

Who defied authority

ever since I was a kid

I remember seeing Lucifer at night when I would try to sleep

the sheer power he exuded used to scare the hell out of me

as I grew I learned about real Satanism and Dr Anton LaVey

And I learned to fly, fly right into the hellfire

So I fly into the night and the demons see my soul

the devil rides on a hell-flame just to make the hells bells toll

I greet my dark father and hello my dearest

take me on a journey that I cannot forget

lead to temptation and nothing ill regret

fly away into the hellfire

fly fly away

fly until your wings burn

fly fly away